3 M's: Mental Health, Mother's Day and Mercury Retrograde

"We are strong... No one can tell us we're wrong... Searching our hearts for so long... Both of us knowing... Love is a battlefield" - Pat Benatar

As we enter the month of May so much has already happened: the Eclipse Season, The Beltane, Venus Alignment with Jupiter. And would you believe it that all these are happening on Mental Awareness Month as well?
As I return from the Gathering of the Shamans retreat with Theresa, I am hoping that we all prioritize our physical and mental well-being. Mental health can be anything from being burnt out, the stress of our daily living, finding our life's purpose, lack of sleep, addiction, fatigue, depression, anxiety and grief and the list can go on and on. I encourage everyone to meditate and find a simple practice whether it is meditating with your crystals aligning with your chakras, or praying. Whatever feels right for you, I hope you find it in you to discover techniques and build your resilience in this bumpy month of change.

Up next in my contemplation is the celebration this weekend! I have mixed feelings concerning Mother's Day - I know we should celebrate our mothers and all the mothers that made an impact on what we've molded and become. I for sure will pay a visit to my mom and spend some time in the cemetery thanking her for her unconditional love that she has given us, but for some women who have been trying to conceive this day feels more like a smack in the face than a celebration. I empathize with all these women and I hope they find it in their hearts to turn negative emotions into a celebration of divine femininity, joy and aspiration. It is my hope that we all remember to just celebrate all women in general - women who chooses not to have kids, single moms, mothers that have no one to celebrate with, women who adopted and raised children on their own, etc. We are women after all! Ladies, let's all brighten each other's day! Girl Power!

Lastly, Mercury Retrograde! We all know that things can go out of control on the week of a Mercury Retrograde. Although Mercury Retrograde has a negative connotation, I personally feel that we can change our mindset and give this period a positive twist. I see Mercury Retrograde as a chance to reevaluate, reassess and rethink what we genuinely want to achieve and manifest! So let's do our soul searching and journey on!

In Light & In Love,
SS69 suggested crystals and charms for Mother's Day:
Rose Quartz - Crystal and Charm

Carnelian - Charm
Amethyst - Crystal and Charm

Sodalite - Crystal and Charm

Clear Quartz - Crystal and Charm

Moonstone - Crystal