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  • 3 M's: Mental Health, Mother's Day and Mercury Retrograde

    As we enter the month of May so much has already happened: the Eclipse Season, The Beltane, Venus Alignment with Jupiter. And would you believe it that all these are happening on Mental Awareness Month as well?
  • Elevate My Mind

    Our weekend at Sedona was all about Elevation.  Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Physically,  Sedona sits at about 4,000+ elevation above sea level.  Mentally and emotionally, Angela and I were each reminded of what we needed to work on individually in order to Elevate ourselves for our friendship and for Sacred Space.  Spiritually, we both worked on our ascensions; mine towards completion and Angela’s in commencement.
  • In Dreams: Story of My Ascension

    As predicted, and as mentioned in last week’s blog, I’ve ascended like a Phoenix from ashes. Light work is energy work in more ways than one.
  • Meet the Squad! (Cat Photos Inside!)

    Hello Squad!  Just got done with therapy today and boy was it intense.  Been working on my third chakra, communication, so expressing myself, whether through my interactions with others and myself is key for this week’s light work.  Stress and distress levels are elevated as the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon nears.  How will you make this weekend, an Easter weekend and the start of Passover, (light) work for you?
  • Love & Happiness

    Happy New Year! You're probably wondering why I'm greeting you this way, right?
  • Endings & New Beginnings: Vernal Equinox

    Sacred Space 69 welcomes this Vernal Equinox in contemplation and celebration.  The Spirit World gives me their kudos as I picked card 23:
  • Japan Chronicles: Esoteric Buddhism

    Sacred Space 69’s story of Esoteric Buddhism traces back to Angela’s fondness of love of Japan. Angela, co-founder of Sacred Space 69 and my best friend, has always raved about the beauty and magic of Japan when we were teenagers. In fact, one of her favorite countries to travel to is Japan.  I finally understood what she meant when I was blessed with living in Japan at Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture for four months.  
  • Finding Your Sacred Space

    I found my Sacred Space in Japan. When we hear Japan, it’s the animé, cosplay, ramen, glitzy Tokyo, Kobe beef and smart toilets with its heated seats (which I will miss). Japan is rich in history and culture. It’s no wonder they have a ton of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. What I will forever be grateful for on this short-lived trip, is that the Japanese value their traditions and rituals...
  • Got ‘Til It’s Gone

    Janet Jackson’s “Got ‘Til It’s Gone” opens with Joni Mitchell’s ‘Don’t it always seem to go/That you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone;’ in my case, the value of my relationships.  When I completed EMDR and eventually moved over to occasional talk therapy with my therapist, she said “you’ve done well (individually) and you’ll find that relationships will be a challenge...
  • That’s the Way Love Goes!

    If I could change the way I live my life today, I wouldn't change a single thing, 'cos if I change my world into another place, I wouldn't see your smiling face...
  • Archangel Michael

    Archangels are magnificent cosmic beings. They’re the richest rank in the order of Angels and Archangel Michael is the one to whom all the other Archangels and their legions defer. He is known as the Angel of Protection.
  • Exploring Tarot Cards

    Tarot Cards have evolved from tools of “fortune-telling” to something of a collector’s item.  I, for one, own several decks and a set of Rune Stones, which I randomly found in my mother’s belongings one day (unsure if she remembers owning this as well.)