About Sacred Space 69

Sacred Space 69 (SS69) is the brainchild of childhood friends Angela Valeroso and Theresa Mayo. The business was conceptualized in a coffee shop where we dreamed and aspired to have our own café. We hope to have our brick and mortar café, Bitter Sweet, in the near future.

SS69 is a place for like-minded people to congregate and feel welcome in promoting their own well-being and wellness thus affecting the community and the world as a whole.  To guide you in your practice, we offer you the means such as Crystals, Candles, Cards (Tarot) and Clothing (our own t-shirt line) and eventually Coffee and Tea from Bitter Sweet.

The duality of SS69 and Bitter Sweet is further explained with our birthday numerology. Angela's totals to 6 and Theresa's totals to 9.  We believe in synchronicity and the power of these healing practices.  We both benefited from these tools as we worked on ourselves individually during this pandemic.

We are both healers in our own right. Angela, a banker, guides people in their financial journeys. Theresa, a nurse practitioner, guides people in their mental health journeys. We wish to share our blessings to you and partake in this wonderful gift of well-being and wellness to the world.

Love and Light,

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