A Letter from Sacred Space 69's Co-Founder, Angela

“What is Love? Oh Baby, don’t hurt me... Don’t hurt me... No more...” - Haddaway

First, I would like to thank all of our friends and family who supported our soft launch. We valued everyone’s opinion and listened to all of your comments and suggestions. With that in mind we have updated our website and will continue to refresh as we receive our products from our partners! I hope you all subscribe to our mailing list so we can constantly update you!

We welcome you to our Tribe!

I wanted to share what kept me busy in this time of pandemic, not sure if it was my boredom of being stuck at home that I have decided to reinvent myself. I’ve always been interested in spirituality, self-help, the law of attraction, crystal healing, crystals, feng shui, etc. So to keep myself sane I challenged myself to read books and if I wasn’t reading I would watch videos. It was in one of the videos that I came across a documentary on ayahuasca. I had known about ayahuasca prior but the video just validated that I have to do this ayahuasca experience for ME!

As part of reinventing myself, I focused on self-love and also forgiveness. I find that all these years I have been carrying a heavy heart. I wasn’t sure if it was due to my high blood pressure, but part of me knew that I needed to work on my internal self. I worked on forgiving all the people that have hurt me the most and there were 3. It’s really interesting as I see the change of reinventing myself unfolding in front of my eyes, the people I was forgiving were reaching out to me. My gut feeling was telling me what I’m doing is working. I knew that I had totally forgiven them, I wasn’t feeling any animosity or ill feelings with all of them but just pure understanding and genuine love.

My ayahuasca experience was something else! It wasn’t even close to what I was expecting. The universe has a funny way of reuniting people! I was supposed to go on this enlightening trip by myself, then Theresa decided to tag along. I didn’t invite her, she invited herself. I was grateful for her tagging along as I went on this crazy journey. I figured if something happened to me on this trip at least I’m with some guidance of a medical practitioner.

Theresa and Angela

This trip is one of the most memorable trips I ever did. It helped me discover the roots of my traumas, limiting beliefs and childhood dysfunctions. It also validated why Theresa and I needed to open this business to help everyone live a happy and healthy spiritual, mental and abundant life!

The birth of this idea, our baby, our project, manifested 10 years ago. We launched this store with visions of turning this into a cafe and holistic wellness center. It took a lot of hard work from our entire Sacred Squad Tribe to get this into its birthing stage... our official launch! It is with pride and love that we share this holistic wellness with all of you!

We all can make our dreams and wishes come true, trust the universe, trust the process, let go and let God! Open your eyes and heart to the magic of love, let go of all your fears. Love yourself, be gentle in the process, smell the roses, embrace the magic of Mama A, set your intention, have faith!

To my partner in crime and pain in my ass, Theresa, Happy Birthday!
Have a wonderful spiritual journey, I wish you all the happiness in the world, stay safe and healthy! 143!!!

In Love & in Light,

Angela (#6)