Elevate My Mind

Our weekend at Sedona was all about Elevation.  Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Physically,  Sedona sits at about 4,000+ elevation above sea level.  Mentally and emotionally, Angela and I were each reminded of what we needed to work on individually in order to Elevate ourselves for our friendship and for Sacred Space.  Spiritually, we both worked on our ascensions; mine towards completion and Angela’s in commencement.  

The below song, Elevate My Mind by Stereo MC, popped into Angela’s head as we were on our drive to Sedona from Phoenix.  Every time Angela and I are together, it’s a reunion of sorts.  It’s like coming home.  A definite homecoming.  We may be opposites, as in 6 and 9 on some things; but we share a love for music and dance amongst other things.  Music and dance always elevates us into a plane of ecstatic joy as if we were again teens in our high school dance.  We literally laugh out loud and laugh heartily.  Also, it’s common for us to be drive-dancing or dance-driving.  One of my cousins can attest to this, right doc Bads?

During our hike to the Subway Cave, a day before we were to attend the Gathering of the Shamans 2022, we were once again reminded of how each of our weaknesses complement our strengths hence making us a resolute pair.  I always tell Angela, we are a ‘Work In Progress.’  We both have trust issues.  I’ve worked on and continue to work on Trusting myself.  As in, learning to trust my intuitions.  For Angela, it’s learning to Trust others.  As in, letting people in, myself included.  The torch of light for this friendship, and inadvertently SS69, was officially passed on to me last weekend from Angela during the partial Solar eclipse, New Moon, Beltane, Pluto retrograde, Venus and then Mars passing through the Neptune-Jupiter conjunction.  

I am Elevating this Light for us Your Highness.  I’m here for you now while you ‘elevate’ yo’ mind.  Here’s to your ascension! 

In Light and In Love,

‘Elevate yourself don't hang about

So wherever lies you'r latitude

Wherever you are we're gaining altitude

In all directions starting to climb

So come on girl - elevate my mind

I wanna go higher (elevate my mind)

I wanna go higher (higher baby)

(Let it reach ya) I wanna go higher (higher baby)

(Elevate my mind) I wanna go higher (higher baby)’ - Stereo MC

Listen to Elevate My Mind by Stereo MCs