Endings & New Beginnings: Vernal Equinox

Sacred Space 69 welcomes this Vernal Equinox in contemplation and celebration.  The Spirit World gives me their kudos as I picked card 23:

Card 23
Wisdom from Buddha:

We’re here to offer support so that you can keep working smoothly.  Every person has their role, and what’s important is having fun while fulfilling that role.  Be it providing great service, creating art that brings peace of mind, working in transportation - no matter what your job is, this world turns smoothly when people are happy and feel satisfied with their work.  The sun has the vital role of fostering all life on earth, the light of the moon provides humanity with peaceful slumber, and both jobs are equally important.  Be proud of what it is that you do.

- from the Esoteric Buddhism of Japan Oracle Cards guidebook.

It is timely as we welcome more light in our days and our nights get shorter.

In contemplation, I look back to these past week’s celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day, full moon on Holi, Shab-E-Barat and the welcome of Spring this weekend.  Also, if you are not aware, today is the beginning of the Astrological New YearAries is considered the first sign of the zodiac.

Celebration of the solstices and equinoxes trace its roots to Viking and Celtic lore.

If you’ve been watching The Last Kindgom,  you know that faith and religion is a prominent plot or storyline.  Today is the feast of Ostara, which comes from the Anglo-Saxon name, Eostre.  If you read up on this folklore, then you’ll finally be able to answer the question, ‘How are easter eggs related to the Resurrection of Christ on Easter?’

Our rituals and traditions within the context of our religion or culture are not far off from each other’s.  So celebrate in what and how you know that rings true to your being.  Explore these as You welcome your very own Spring.

As we at SS69 welcome this turn of the season, we thank You and continue to honor our Sacred Squad as we all move forward in our growth.  Let’s plant seeds of Light as we Journey on and anew.

Here’s to Endings and New Beginnings!

In Light and In Love,

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