In Dreams: Story of My Ascension

Hello Squad! 


As predicted, and as mentioned in last week’s blog, I’ve ascended like a Phoenix from ashes. Light work is energy work in more ways than one.


Growing up in a Catholic home in a predominantly Catholic country, the Philippines, meant a week’s long observance of Christ’s sorrowful journey of betrayal, crucifixion, death and resurrection.  The northern regions (Luzon and Visayas) would be off from work being that Maundy Thursday through Easter Sunday are government holidays.  To this day, there are Filipinos who reenact Christ’s Passion “Senakulo” which culminates in the nailing (some tied) of Christ to the cross on Good Friday.


These countrywide and familial practices or rituals of Lenten observance is something I’ve tremendously missed.  Holy Week meant family gathering at my father’s ancestral home.  I have memories of being at the beach as a child or playing with my cousins, while our folks played mahjong.  I have memories of aunts or uncles yelling, “shhhhhhh, Jesus is dying!,” when we get too rombunctious on Good Fridays.  Easter weekend meant spending time at the beach.  


Being back in North Carolina for Holy Week was a blessing.  I was blessed to be back in my home in Sneads Ferry with my folks; with my mom at the helm navigating our religious observances i.e. fasting and abstinence.   My holy weekend felt like reliving Christ’s passion from crucifixion to resurrection.  I journeyed into my deepest and deep-seated fears and agonies.  I cut etheric cords to clear my chakras of the past.  I relived moments in my life where I felt most unsafe, insecure and isolated.  Instead of avoiding with distractions, I finally faced them all.  I feel so blessed my mom and dad played important roles this time around.  As my mother would say, “better late than never,” alluding to our time spent together since my return from Japan.


I celebrated Easter Sunday at the North Topsail beach.  I joined The Gathering’s service at 6am when it was still dark out.  Arrived at the beach as the moon set and left with the sun risen.  It was the perfect celebration of coming out from darkness to light, I likened myself to Persephone.


Onwards and Upwards Squad!  Light work is the most difficult yet most rewarding gift to yourself.  Journey on Your highness.  I gotchoo! 


In Love and In Light,

Beloved child
You are the light of the world
Beloved child...
Go out, spread light to the world
Be strong, be kind, be brave
Know your mind
Know that you're divine
Know that it's alright to be afraid