Meet the Squad! (Cat Photos Inside!)

‘A man is known by the company (s)he keeps.’ - Aesop

Hello Squad!  Just got done with therapy today and boy was it intense.  Been working on my third chakra, communication, so expressing myself, whether through my interactions with others and myself is key for this week’s light work.  Stress and distress levels are elevated as the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon nears.  How will you make this weekend, an Easter weekend and the start of Passover, (light) work for you?  We are all light workers and warriors, in constant battle with our darkest sides.  This was taken at my therapist’s office this morning.

Again, a timely message that we’re all on the right track for our wellness, well-being and healing.

I am, and am sure Angela is, grateful to be (light)working alongside Bryan and Veda.  Check out their Sacred Squad testimonials here: Bryan's Testimonial / Veda's Testimonal.  They’ve both shared their gifts in phenomenal and amazing ways.  They’re creative souls in their own right.  Both are passionate at what they do and Sacred Space 69 is honored to call them both our first Sacred Squad members.

Bryan loves to collect action figures and he’s known for action figures photography: @ActionFigureNeverland / Graphic Designs by Bryan Konstantine.  Our site photographs and art direction is handled by him.  Now part-time as he ventures into the world of product photography. From mom-and-pop biz to big corporate accounts.  Here’s ‘Tala’ by Bryan Tioseco Mayo:

Veda works for a tech giant.  She worked her way up from floor sales to corporate headquarters.  It’s been a challenging adjustment for her being the artist that she is so we’ve kept her busy with a t-shirt project that’s in the works and coming soon.  Check out Yellow by Veda.  That said, Veda designed Sacred Space 69’s logo and this graphic tee of Tala a.k.a. Bathala.

Tala (stars in Filipino) is shortened from Bathala (God in Filipino).  He was always meant to be a beacon of light, a shining star, a spirit guide or god, leading us, who lived with him. A source of comfort for when we’re in a slump.  He was there for me as I navigated my way out of a broken heart a decade ago.  He’s part of Sacred Squad.  

Appropriately so for light workers and warriors like us.  Random cats have been coming to both Angela and I lately.  Mine in both sleep and awake state.  Also, adopting a cat which will be with me when my folks leave in May. 

Cats throughout history, thinking ancient Egypt and goddess Sekhmet, were spiritual companions.  I am not surprised by these random cats coming to us.  If anything, they’re a reminder that we are where we need to be right now.  

For me, I am currently in a funk.  I’ve learned to ‘embrace the suck’ as they nowadays say.  Though I am hurting emotionally and mentally, I now know that these times are temporary; a much needed retreat for healing and recovery.  Thank you Tala for being Sacred Squad’s model, literally, figuratively and spiritually.

Now I give myself sacred space to navigate these uncomfortable emotions.  I will come out of my shell soon, Your highness.  As sure as Christ’s Rising on Easter.  Need to recharge for Super Saiyan modes. 

In Light and In Love,