Blast from the Past
Blast from the Past
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Blast from the Past

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Healing Spontaneous Past Life Memories

Spontaneously recalling past life memories while traveling or interacting with certain objects is a phenomenon experienced by people all over the world. With Blast from the Past, you can turn that experience into an opportunity for transformative healing. Join Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD, as she presents fascinating research on spontaneous past-life regression, numerous case studies and stories, and ways to apply these findings in your own life.

Whether you're aware of it or not, chances are you've experienced "supretrovie"—spontaneous past-life recall. This groundbreaking book shows you how to recognize when it happens and use it to explore your past lives without needing a regression session. Once you've learned to harness your memories, you can heal negativity from your previous lifetimes. You'll also enhance your intuition and enjoy greater peace and happiness.

"Dr. Shelley Kaehr demonstrates how bad vibes or weird feelings come from a place most of us never realized—our past lives. Dr. Kaehr shows readers how to alleviate these situations with guided imagery and helpful exercises. Highly recommended to all struggling to make sense of our weird world."—George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM

"It is time for people to realise they are more than they believe themselves to be. This book tells fascinating stories about connections into other lifetimes that have an influence on this one. The messages behind Shelley's work are both clear and very powerful. Not only do we live many times and there is nothing to fear from death, but we can learn so much from these journeys into other lives. This book will help you start that journey."—Peter Smith, author of Quantum Consciousness

"This book is a gem and I believe contributes not only to the past life regression field of study, but offers an effective alternative and efficacious supplement to the internal healing process.?All events and relationships, whether past or future or present, co-exist, awaiting our re-cognition and our love in the form of acceptance and letting go. Shelley's book verifies this need within every human being—whether they are aware of this need or not—and her book comes up with the goods to guide this process."—Neale Lundgren, PhD, author of Meditations for the Soul

"From top to bottom Shelley Kaehr's latest book Blast from the Past hits on all cylinders! I felt like I was being guided by a deeply trusted friend. The depth, clarity and quality of the information, examples and testimonials, and clearly outlined exercises make this book an amazing tool to release yourself from generational and lifetime energies that are impacting your current reality. I have had numerous experiences as described in this remarkable book. Shelley's clarity and ability to convey these experiences; and their source, stimulated a flood of my own powerful personal experiences of Supretrovie. I could go on all day about the effectiveness and power of all that Shelley presents here. Definitely a great book to have in your toolbox!"—R. James Case, author of Fear Is A Choice and host of The Adventures in Truth podcast

"What a wonderful collection of insightful stories and guided journeys. Dr. Shelley A. Kaehr offers us in Blast from the Past! Each is an opportunity to learn how experiences and relationships in this lifetime relate to our own Soul's Purposes." — Dr. Linda Howe, Akashic Records expert, teacher and author of Inspired Manifesting

"Blast from the Past could be retitled 'Everything You Wanted to Know about Reincarnation but Were Afraid to Ask.' It is one of the most comprehensive and fascinating books on reincarnation that I ever read and full of useful ideas to understand and to explore the effects of past-life experiences."—Kenneth J Doka, PhD, author of When We Die

"Like a book with many pages, our soul carries all our experiences from lifetime to lifetime. Especially when we're stuck, we search our personal annals of history to unlock memories and free ourselves. Asks Dr. Kaehr, What about spontaneous recalls? We've all had them. We touch an object or gemstone, come across a place or a person, and we're suddenly engaged in a "yesterday" that holds either a pleasant or unpleasant remembering. Blast from the Past is the first book I've ever read that helps you recognize these unprompted experiences and use them to transform and heal. An amazing resource of discussions, case studies, and exercise designed to help you courageously look behind so you can confidently step forward."—Cyndi Dale, author of Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness

For two decades, Shelley A. Kaehr, PhD (Dallas, TX) has worked with thousands of people around the world helping them achieve greater peace and happiness in their lives. A world-renowned past-life regressionist, Dr. Shelley's method of combining energy work with hypnosis has been endorsed by numerous leaders in the field of consciousness, including near-death experience pioneer Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Brian Weiss. She received her Doctorate of Philosophy in Parapsychic Science from the American Institute of Holistic Theology in 2001.

ISBN-13: 9780738768502
Imprint: Llewellyn
Pub Date: December 2021
Product Type: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 208 pages
Size: 6 x 9 IN